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Eno Family Mission Report February 2020

Eno Family Mission Report 

A New Mission a New Focus

We want to thank everyone for so much support that you have shown us over the past almost 5 years.  You have been a part of a blessing for us to live as volunteer missionaries serving in Guyana. Because you followed Gods leading we never lacked what we needed.

As you may have heard, we have left Guyana and with God's leading we are moving to Indonesia.  Chris will be working as the lead mechanic in the shop with Adventist Aviation Indonesia along side the lead pilot Gary Roberts.  Chris will be helping to keep the planes in the air along with anything else aviation program needs him to do.  Chris will be paid a monthly salary by the organization and we will be provided housing.  We are looking forward to the stability of the situation and we are anticipating a good team to work with.

Adventist Aviation Indonesia (AAI) is one of the last 2 aviation programs owned and run by the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  The other being in Papua New Guinea (PNG).  AAI is located in Sentani on the island of Papua Indonesia.  Jayapura is about an hour east of the base location.  It is the western half of the island which also holds PNG.

As we understand it, Indonesia does not allow not-for-profit organizations in their country.  AAI, which was lead for years by Bob Roberts, is a business owned by the church and it uses its  funds that it makes flying commercially to support the mission work in the interior.  Just like our organization in Guyana, they do medical evacuations, flying missionaries into and out of the interior along with supplies for them and more.

Chris will not be flying at this time as Indonesia does not grant dual visas. Meaning he can either be a commercial pilot or a mechanic.  Since Gary needs a mechanic we have agreed to that position.   If God leads in the future, Chris will get to fly. But we are really finding contentment in doing as the Lord commands.

Chris will be receiving a monthly salary once we arrive there but prior to that we will have to collect supplies to set up home in Indonesia. If you would like to help us set up home please see the info on our Donate page. Also there are many projects near to our hearts that we will be needing help to fund. See the side bar.

God has blessed us in many ways in the work He gave us with GMI down in Guyana.  Now that our time with GMI is complete we are looking forward to our next posting.  Expected departure at the beginning of April 2020.

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Until next time,
Much love from our family to you,
Chris, Crystal, Corey, Cara & Caleah Eno 

Personnel Needs
~ finances to purchase furniture etc for Indonesia
~ Help to pay off Debt from Medical Care while in States.

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Chris and Crystal Eno along with their three children, Corey, Cara and Caleah are missionaries in Papua Indonesia.  Based in Sentani they will be working with Adventist Aviation Indonesia

Chris is a pilot/mechanic and Crystal is a stay at home mom and Physical Therapist. Chris will be the Lead Mechanic with AAI and Crystal will be caring for the Home and their 3 children.  They hope to be able to work with people around the base to share about God's love.

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