Saturday, October 11, 2014

"Some day" is today.

Since high school, Christopher and Crystal Eno have both felt a call to serve God in a special way. After meeting at Andrews university, where Chris studied aviation and Crystal completed a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree, they planned to "some day" prepare to be missionaries. But "life happened" and they found themselves celebrating their 6 year wedding anniversary with a 4 day old baby. That "some day" seemed pretty far away, with all the student loan debts, a mortgage, church leadership positions, 2 full time jobs and now a baby. Life was busy. There just seemed no way to get out of the rat race. Yet, the Still Small Voice that they both heard in high school still called. Finally, they came to the conclusion that no matter what type of life they built for themselves, they would not be happy until they answered the call.

When God called Abraham out of Ur and when Jesus called fishermen from their nets, they followed. There was no course to study, no new fields to go see first (Luke 14:15-24), no "some day" ...just complete submission. Everyone who meets Jesus is called (Matthew 28:18-20). Some are called to be teachers, some pastors, some administrators, some mothers, some garbage men. And some are specially equipped to serve as missionaries in lands untouched by the Gospel. Chris and Crystal feel they have been specially chosen to be God's hands to prepare the harvest (Matthew 9:37-38). Forsaking all for the sake of the call, they are moving forward.

Chris and Crystal are excited to begin serving God's children in the highlands of Bolivia, providing aviation and medical services. Their "some day" has finally become "today." Pray for them as they follow God's leading into His service.