Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Eno Family Mission Update

As some may have heard and others have not yet, we have made the decision to answer God’s call to go do volunteer mission work.  This burden has been on our hearts for many years and with God leading us each step of the way, the final decisions of who to go with, where to go, and when to go have been made more clear to us.  We will be working with Gospel Ministries International (GMI) in La Paz, Bolivia.  We will be joining some friends of ours down in the Highlands of Bolivia with the express purpose of establishing both an aviation and medical mission service there.

What is the Need there:
The high plateau of Bolivia, situated at 13,000 ft., is home to many people that do not know about Jesus. In this predominately Catholic country, the light of the gospel is far over-powered by ritualistic religion and New Age mysticism. The traditionalistic Bolivians brave the cold climate and harsh living conditions, often without a good source of water. Nearly one quarter of the population living in the rural areas is illiterate. As farmers and shepherds, these people know what it is like to work hard and they don’t take things for granted.  We are excited for the opportunity to work with these highlander people through mission aviation in support of medical transport, education, and evangelism.  

What does this look like? 
With God's leading we plan to set up mobile medical clinics, provide free medical evacuations, establish a standalone clinic that will provide basic medical care and services that will include Doctors, nurses, physical and occupational therapists and more as the Lord provides.  We hope to begin a school to educate the young and old in both traditional schooling and health evangelism. We desire to support the small local churches and see missionaries placed in the villages to share the word of God. By working together the people in the highlands of Bolivia will have the opportunity to learn about God's love for them.

When will we leave?
We intend to leave in September 2015 after our baby girl is born in June.  Our friends and team members, DJ & Jodi Knott, left on Monday February 2nd for Bolivia.  They will be searching and choosing a location for our main base of operations. We currently are packing our house and preparing to sell it in the next few months.  Chris is working to build his flight time and earn his instrument flight rating before we leave. We are both praying diligently as we wait on the Lord to work out many unknown details.

Some questions that have been asked recently:

1. How will you afford to live in Bolivia?  - this is a Volunteer position and we do not receive any financial support from GMI.  Any expenses both for our food, housing etc and any expenses needed to pay for the project come through donations provided by project supporters, individuals like yourself.  We look at it as becoming an employee of the Creator God.  He will provide all that we need.  

2. When will you be back? – At this time we do not know.  We are committing to completing this project whether it is 1 year to 10 years or a life time. We are depending on God to tell us when we are to return. But in truth we desire to fulfill the Gospel commission to go tell all people about God so if God wishes us to stay there for quite some time, we will.  Each year we will return to manage the few obligations we will have here and to see our family, friends and project supporters.  So we can look forward to those times.

3. How can I help? - There are many ways to help:
        1. Pray for our team: for the funds that are needed to launch the projects and the guidance in finding the right location for this project to be established.  Join our Prayer Team to receive a bi-weekly email  of prayer requests and Answers to prayer.  (http://enoministries.blogspot.com/p/prayer-team.html)

        2. Donate:  Between living expenses and project expenses (aircraft operations and maintenance, medical supplies etc.) we will need $5,000 each month to be really effective.  Without supporters like you we can not even begin to be able to serve these people. (http://enoministries.blogspot.com/p/donate_11.html)

        3. Volunteer:  You can come join us, whether short term or long term, there is a spot for everyone to be used.  (http://enoministries.blogspot.com/p/volunteer.html)

Please consider joining us by becoming a Missionary in person, in prayer or a Financial Missionary to reach the People who live in the Highlands of Bolivia. 

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Much love
Chris, Crystal, Corey and Baby Girl Eno