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Eno Ministry October - November Report

Eno Family Mission Report

Project Update and Your help is needed

I have been contemplating what to share with you regarding October and November.  What have we done?  what has been accomplished?  Do we share the good only or the bad and the terrible also?  We have had so many things happen  I'm not even sure I can relate it all.  We have had some joyous times, like having the family in the picture above join us for a short time here in Bethany, some sad times, some trying times where the fire felt like it was burning us.  The only way I can really describe the last two months is this:  It has changed our lives, we know for the better, we pray for the long term and we hope for our influence over our children's lives.  Chris and I have been talking and discussing the end, when Jesus will return and what is coming as we can see and we know the world is not going to get better.  Questions are being presented to us, our beliefs are slowly being challenged.  We both are digging into the word of God but can't learn fast enough.  We struggle against our duties both to our children and to our ministry.  I think if we could find the time, we would be reading and studying the scripture constantly.  We look around our home at the unfinished projects and just wonder how it will get all done when we have no help.  The bathroom, the kitchen, a cement pad under the house, the yard, a garden, two broken planes, a hanger and taxi way to pave, an airstrip to resurface and our desire to speak with, spend time with and minister to the community we are living in.  How do we get it all done and fast?  How do we accomplish this without any transportation of any kind (except the wheel barrow Chris has been pushing groceries and other supplies in)?  How do we do this as just one family?  Where does our family life and our children's salvation and education fall into all of this?   This is just the top of the pile of things we have been struggling with over the last two months.  Of course, Chris spent all of October in Africa while the kids and I learned about surviving in the jungle mostly on our own.  I guess the phrase, "This is Guyana."  is becoming a reality in many ways.  We, as one family, are just not enough to complete this project.  We, as one family, just do not have all the financial means necessary to complete this project.  We, as a family, are wearing out.  Please we ask each of you to add us to your prayer list.  Let's band together over this project.  Let's band together and ask God to provide the finances, the resources, the hands and the strength to keep moving forward with this project.  This is God's project... Right?  So let's all ask him for the resources needed to complete it in quick manner.  We know time is running out.  Jesus will be here soon, and there are plenty of people who need to know that God loves them and that He wants them in heaven with all the rest of us.  We thank you today for joining us in this way.

Project: House completion

The Porch is DONE!!!  ok it is not totally complete as our contractor still needs to return to put the roof on the water tower and the back steps.  However, it is now safe for the kids to run up and down both sets of steps and around the entire deck and it feels like we have so much more room to live in.

                            The Kids helping their dad finish the Porch on this very HOT day!

We have been reviewing and praying about our finances and how God's money is being spent.  We are trying to save money where we can and plan for the future to make time and money more efficient.  With that being said:

We purchased a freezer.  Chris did quite a bit of research to get the best available for the best price and wow did he find a very large one. All the reviews that he read said that this brand will only freeze the bottom but the top will stay cool but not freeze.  So we bought it in hopes for it to be dual purpose.  Fridge and freezer.  Unfortunately this freezer is way too efficient and so is thus only good for Freezing EVERYTHING!  So now we have to purchase a fridge.  Please pray about this need as it will save us money in our food budget instead of throwing spoiled food away we will get to eat everything we purchase. And it will save time since we can make large batches of food to be simply reheated later, rather than cooking for an hour or two for each meal.

Refrigerator:  Need: $1500       Have: $0
Solar batteries:     Need: $2000    Have: $0         

The Bathroom and Kitchen have not been completed or moved forward past design plans.  Chris has done some research on materials and we are still waiting to see about some wood.  The other problem is we are running out of time.  David Gates our director is scheduled to return to Guyana soon and with him will come the necessity for Chris to leave and fix the airplanes that are in the interior.  He will also begin his flight training.  So while we wait to get the materials needed for these two projects we ask for your prayers regarding the finances.

Kitchen cupboards and shelves:   Need: $500    Have: $0
Bathroom completion:   Need: $500    Have: $0

Transportation needs

Transportation is another area that we find we are spending a lot of money on.  Just for Chris to go out to the coast to get food it costs around $50 per trip.  So having to do that 4 to 6 times a month costs up to $300 for just transportation not including the food costs of up to $400-500/mo.  The freezer is going to help us cut down on the food costs but our transportation is still really high.  The other issue is that we have no transportation at all to move food the 2 miles (one way) from the creek landing up to our home.  We have no ATV, no motorcycle, no vehicle whatsoever.  At this time we are having to pay different locals to bring our food up to our house or Chris pushes the wheel barrow up the sandy road.  The lack of transportation at our home is also limiting Crystal from helping people in Bethany village which is 2 miles away.  And the 1.5 miles (one way) to the church on Sabbath is grueling on a hot day especially for the children and we just stay home on the rainy days.  We tend to just say this is life here.  We are now seeing the NEED for transportation for the airstrip.  Here is what we have figured.  Having our own boat would save us 1/4 the cost of transportation when getting food or any type of building supplies etc.  If we could also get a vehicle for the coast that would save another half the price.  Thus we would reduce our costs for going to the coast by 3/4.  We also are in need of either an ATV or a 4x4 truck due to the sandy soil that we have here.  This transport would allow Crystal to do Physical Therapy in the village, allow us to get to church any day of the week and it would reduce our need for others to transport our food and other belongings to the landing thus saving more.  Please pray with us for these needs to be met.

ATV or 4x4 Truck: Need: $10,000   Have: $0
Boat:  Need: $5000   Have: $0
Boat Engine:   Need: $3000   Have: $0

To all who gave toward this wheel barrow THANK YOU!  Without your generous contribution it would make getting our produce and other supplies from the landing at Bethany up to our house (2 miles away) more difficult and taxing.

Project: Hanger floor, Parking Pad and Taxi way

We have been very blessed by some very generous donors in the last couple of months toward this project but we have not even received half the amount needed to move forward with this project.  We have bought a few of the supplies to pour the hanger floor but that is just the tip of the iceberg.  There is still a lot of work to prepare the hanger for the cement floor to be poured.  This is where we need more help!  More man power!  We could hire some of the locals to help, but the money is not there at this time.  Chris is just one man, with two hands.  He is needed in so many places it is over whelming.  We are asking for your prayers for God to provide financing and more people to help.  This project we would like to complete before we return to the states in February.  Thank you for your prayers.

Hanger Floor, Parking Pad and Taxi Way total:    Need: $14,200    Have: $5000

Project: Runway Resurfacing

The runway is needing a total new surface on it.  Over the years the loam has washed into the sand and now there are holes and soft spots throughout the strip.  This is a hazard for the planes as they fly in and out.  As we have already seen with one plane that is currently in the interior waiting for an engine, a soft airstrip and a heavy plane do not mix.  This plane hit a soft spot, the tire sunk in and the propeller hit a rock.  The engine had to be flown to the US, for a total teardown and rebuild to make sure all the parts were in good condition and a new propeller was purchased.  This all cost a total of $14,500 just for the repairs, not including transporting it and such.  As you can see, this soft sand is dangerous and needs to be fixed.  We have received some funds but need a bit more. Thank you to those who have donated. Please pray with us for Gods further provisions.

Runway resurfacing:       Need: $4,100     Have: $1000          

We Need YOUR Help!

I know this is a long update.  Thank you for reading through it.  We need your help.  Not only for your prayers but we are looking for some faithful workers who may have some time this January that could come and help us do some of the work.  We are also looking to host a mission trip or two in the summer time (July/August/September) to help us get more projects completed.  Are you interested?  Has God spoken to your heart to come visit us and move his work forward?
Email us: and let's start talking about how you can be of use here in Guyana. 

Thank You!

We understand time away from work to come help us may not be possible, if you hear God asking you to share financially please see the donation information at the bottom of the update on how to give.  Please make a note on any donation the project you are giving to so we can use those funds appropriately.

Thank you to those who are helping us complete the flight base via your financial support.

Thank you for being part of the Bethany Flight Base mission project.  May God richly bless you in all your daily work.
Chris, Crystal, Corey, & Cara Eno

Bethany Flight Base Project Needs
Housing Needs
Refrigerator: Need: $1500  Have: $0
Kitchen completion: Need: $500    Have: $0
Bathroom completion: Need: $500  Have: $0
Solar batteries: Need: $2000  Have: $0       
Total Needed - $3500

ATV or 4x4 Truck:  Need: $10,000   Have: $0
Boat: Need: $5000   Have: $0
Boat Engine: Need: $3000   Have: $0
Total Needed - $18,000

Hanger Floor Parking Pad and Taxi Way total 
Total Needed - $14,200   Have: $5000

Airstrip Resurfacing
Total Needed - $4,100   Have: $1000

Total Needed: $40,800                Have to Date: $6000


Chris and Crystal Eno along with their two children, Corey and Cara are volunteer missionaries in Guyana, South America.

Chris is an pilot/mechanic and Crystal is a Physical Therapist working in the Interior of Guyana to bring the knowledge and love of Christ to the people there.

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