If you would like to be a part of the mission project in Guyana or Indonesia, become a financial missionary, there are several options below. Thank you for your generosity and sacrifice to partner with us in reaching people around the world with the gospel message.

Projects we would like help funding:

1. Sandra Dyer, a local Guyana resident of Bethany village where we served, is planning to take four mission trips this year to the interior of Guyana to do a VBS, evangelism, cooking classes and bible studies. As well as help building 1 church in a village. She needs $275/ trip to pay for her transportation. 

There are 2 other people who are wanting to go on each of those trips:
Kevin and Areefa William's from Mashabo.  They will each also need :$275/trip if they are to go. 

Kevin and Areefa have been ministering in their home village of Mashabo for years, sharing the gospel and providing hope to many of their relatives, friends and strangers.  They have a deep heart to share the gospel and are excited for these mission trips to minister to those outside their home village.
Each Trip: $825
Total Needed for year: $3,300
Have so far: $900     Yay 1st trip transportation is covered!

2. Kevin and Areefa William's want also to erect a small treatment center in their home village to provide medical care through natural remedies including massage, hydrotherapy, herbal remedies, and other natural treatments.  They wish to teach classes to help those in their village to live a healthier lifestyle and they want to care for all they can while they share the gospel of Gods unending love. 
Total Needed: $10,000 
Have so far: $0

3. You can continue to give funds to us and we will direct them to people in need around us.  And we would be glad to send a note back to you as to how the funds were used. 

4. The missionary work in Papua Indonesia is also needing support. Bible workers, teachers, medical workers those specifically on the front lines. These are the people that are being supported by our aviation work.  

To donate to options 1, 2, or 3
Option 1: 
You can send money directly to us at our USA address: 
Crystal Eno
579 Touchet North Rd
Touchet, Wa 99360

** please send a note as to which project you are wanting to give to
A. Sandra, Kevin or Areefa mission trip
B. Kevin & Areefa Health Center
C. Chris & Crystal's ministry

 *my parents will deposit this money into our account and I will send it directly to the mission field.

Option 2:
Donate via  Paypal minus the 3% Paypal fee
(you will need a paypal account for this method)

In your paypal account:
1. Click on Send and Receive payment
2. Then click send money to friends and family
3. Put into box CCENO06@GMAIL.COM
4. On the next page, put in your amount and in the optional note box write: "A. Sandra, Kevin or Areefa mission trip
B. Kevin & Areefa Health Center
C. Chris & Crystal's ministry"
5. Then click next
6. Then it will ask for name and residence, type in: Chris Eno  USA

To donate to option 4
Write a check to:
General Conference of SDA
ATTN: Jason Bergman
12501 Old Columbia Pike
Silver Springs, MD 20904

** mark it:
Irian Jaya Airplane Fund

** However, 100% of the money donated will go to the project you have specified.