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Eno Family Mission Report 2022 - A change in direction

Eno Family Mission Report 

A change in direction.
Well my friends it has been a mighty long time since our last mission report 2 years ago.  So many things have happened since 2020 as we all can think back on.  For our family, it was a change in life direction.

Our change began at the end of February 2020 when Chris and I attended Dr. Nedley's 10 day in house Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program at Weimar, CA. Our mindset and life was changed because of that program and God has been healing us and directing us to be more like him daily. 

We still had plans to go to Indonesia up until June of 2020. Both of us got the impression God wanted us to stay in the USA.  That if we were to go to Indonesia we would loose all that we had worked hard for in our mental health recovery.  So we made the very hard decision to stay in the USA and to settle for now.  

Chris had a job at his previous employment before mission work but we needed to move out on our own, we were still living with my parents, so we started looking to find housing in the country.  We couldn't afford nor find any place to live close enough to Chris's work.  So then we began looking outside of Washington state, he interviewed in Kansas and that looked promising but nothing came of it.  And then he looked into and interviewed for 2 jobs in Minnesota just 2 hours from his parents home. We felt impressed the job in Elbow lake was the job. We were able to find 9.5 acres of land with a house on it.  His parents helped us a lot since moving in. We have continued our mental health recovery and are still in treatment.  We ended up there one year when Chris needed a change in work location.  We got in touch with some college friends in Kansas and just 3 months later we are here.  Garnett, KS a small town, friendly people and new but scary adventures.
Chris is working 4 days in our friends carpenter shop and I work one day there for now.  Near the end of may I will be watching 3 cute kids along with my own for some extra financial help. 

We still have a lot of mental health work as that never ends.  Old wounds, new wounds, anxieties of this life and sadness experienced, all need to be processed for healthy living. We are so grateful to both of our parents for helping us in this move. We could not have done it without their assistance. 

A few new adventures are on the horizon, one is that Chris is setting up his own maintenance shop at the local airport (Garnett Municipal Airport) this is one reason why we moved here as well.  A second adventure is joining our friends in selling crafts, produce and plants at the local farmers market.  It will be fun for all of us... we hope. Finally Chris and I are starting a home church with the Simple Church Network  (simplechurchathome.com).  We are blessed to be meeting our neighbors and others from the community.  We look forward to building a community in our home and around this lovely town.   

Thanks for all your prayers and support.  This will be our final message from this platform.  If you would like to keep up with our family let me know via our email: enoministries@gmail.com.  

I hope to keep posting on our blog: www.enoministries.com. So go sign up there and receive blog posts in your email 

May each of you be freed from Satan's lies and rest in Christ's love for you. 
Much love from our family to you,
Chris, Crystal, Corey, Cara & Caleah Eno 
A Project we are still funding:
Kevin and Areefa William's have begun to erect a small treatment center in their home village to provide medical care through natural remedies including massage, hydrotherapy, herbal remedies, and other natural treatments.  They wish to teach classes to help those in their village to live a healthier lifestyle and they want to care for all they can while they share the gospel of Gods unending love. We praise God for the financial support.  They are just $1,500 short of their financial needs to complete the treatment center. 
If you would like to help finish the health center email me at enoministries@gmail.com. We can work out how to get Kevin and Areefa the money. 

Chris and Crystal Eno along with their three children, Corey, Cara and Caleah are missionaries at heart living in Garnett, KS. 

Chris is a pilot/mechanic and Crystal is a stay at home mom and Physical Therapist. Chris is building a business at the local airport. Crystal is caring for the Home and their 3 children. We are building a garden to share food at the local farmers market and beginning a Home Church in our own home.  We hope to impact the community around us with God's love. 

To read their story, click here.

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