Sunday, October 1, 2017

Changes are in the Air!

Eno Family Mission Report

Changes are in the air!

Good or bad the changes that are happening will affect us all.  Earlier in the summer we received a message from our head pilot that he and his family were retiring from overseas missions and would be returning to the USA later in the summer.

So where did that leave our mission?  Well we were left without a pilot to train the new pilots, and only by the miracle of God was David Gates able to purchase the plane that belonged to our head pilot.  We have three planes here in Guyana still but only one is flying currently.

Our biggest question for the project was who will be the next leader.  James, our previous head pilot, was doing everything.  So we are now left without anyone to do administrative work.

God always has his ways and he has provided again.  So here is what is happening:

1. David Gates has returned to Guyana for a time to help get the program up and running and to train in the new pilots so they may fly here. He was the missionary who started GAMAS in the first place.

2. Our Interim Director, Richard Lawrence, will be leaving here, by God's good grace, within the next month. There is another missionary here that was working out at one of our schools who has agreed to step into the position of administrative work and is currently learning the ropes.

3. The pilots have been teamed up to fly together until everyone is proficient in the country.  So Chris and Edwin Davidson will fly together once Chris is checked out.  This should happen as soon as funding comes in and Chris returns from Africa in November.  Daniel Baquero and Lincoln Gomez will be flying together and basing out in Paruima where our secondary school is located.   Daniel is currently in the process of being checked out.  Please be praying for this process, the finances for all of this and the Pilots' safety.

4. We are still basing here in Bethany and with the other pilot family coming we will be in need of building a second home here.  We are also needing to finish our home, the hanger and resurfacing of the airstrip.

5.  Our Biggest need here is help.  Chris and I are overwhelmed with the work that is needing to be done here.  Please be praying with us and sharing the message with others.  We are looking for another family to join us permanently here in Bethany.  If your heart is stirred or someone whom you know who may like to come, please have them contact us via email: and we would be glad to speak.  If you are interested in coming down for a short time to help with the work here, contact us also we welcome all who would like to help, to come.

Progress on the house:

Over the last week, we have been able to finish the system to get water pumped from the spring to the water tower and now we have water flowing to the kitchen faucet.  The spring we are connected to is over flowing with water, even more then it was when we put our barrel in, so there is plenty of water to pump.  God is so GOOD!

Upcoming work:

Next we intend to finish the bathroom and then the kitchen and porch before focusing our attentions on the hanger and runway.  Which will be interrupted by the maintenance and annual inspections of both planes which are currently broken in the interior of Guyana.  Please keep your prayers coming for Chris.  He is a lone ranger here trying to maintain all these planes.  He is trying his hardest but there is only so much time in the day to work.

May God come quickly so we may rest from this weary world.

Many Blessings
The Eno Family.

Thank You!
Thank you to those who are helping us complete the flight base via your financial support.  Soon we will be done and ready for full use. Continue to be apart of the mission by funding a piece of the project.

Chris and Crystal Eno along with their two children, Corey and Cara are volunteer missionaries in Guyana, South America.

Chris is an pilot/mechanic and Crystal is a Physical Therapist working in the Interior of Guyana to bring the knowledge and love of Christ to the people there.

To read their story, click here.

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