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Summer Travels 

Eno Family Mission Report

Eno Family Summer Travels 

It has been a very long summer for our family.  We haven't sent out many updates this summer due to the changes we had in our schedule making us busier than planned.

In this update we will share with you about our US travels.  In the following update, hopefully in a week or two, I will let you know about the changes coming to our ministry in Guyana.


Here are some highlights from our travels so far:

* We have traveled in our van over 5000 miles so far.

* We shared about the progress and future of our ministry at: 1 vespers, 1 sabbath afternoon meeting and 4 church services. One of our presentations was recorded and you can view it here (Bellingham SDA Church).

* We shared our ministry at 2 camp meetings where we had a ministry booth.  We enjoyed our time meeting new people, making new friends and strengthening old friendships.          

                        New Friends Made at Soquel Campmeeting!

         Corey & Cara with new friends Adon and Angelina          Prayers Supporters: Raul & Leticia

           Abigail and her kids camped just two tents down from us.  They were a delight to get to know.

* We were able to take a little family time and visited 6 National Parks and we hope to add 2 more this summer.
                         The Mountains are calling and I must go!
                                                                   John Muir

                                        What a beautiful Sight.  Olympic National Park


                                                   Half Dome.  Yosemite National Park


                                                         Crater Lake National Park

* We visited with many old friends, made new friends and visited too many family members to count. All who are spread between the Midwest and the west coast. We even were able to have a mini Eno Family Reunion with our immediate Family!
Fun with Friends

              Brani, Shari, Jeston & Keaton Byers                 Ryan, Erin, Bradley and Cassey Wilson

Eno Family Reunion 2017

                    Eno Family Photo                                    The Grand kids really enjoyed their time together

* Our family stopped at the Missionary Aviation Fellowship (MAF) headquarters near Boise, ID.  The main reason for our stop there is to show the kids the air frame of the plane Nate Saint flew in Ecuador when he was killed by an unreached people group they were trying to reach.  We read the book about him on our travels between Kansas and Idaho and decided to stop and bring it more to life.  We were blessed to get a tour of their facility as well and hear how their missionaries are helping out in the interiors of many countries. To read more of Nate Saint's story read: "Jungle Pilot" or for little kids  "Nate Saint".

         Photo Credit: MAF.  Click on the picture to read more about Nate Saint and MAF history.

To Africa Again
As you can see the summer has been very busy.  In June, we had a turn of events.  Chris received an email from the National Park he works for in Africa.  The pilot who was covering for the main pilot there experienced a hard landing and broke the firewall in the plane.  In essence, the plane is grounded and is not safe to fly.  Chris quickly got parts together and flew there only to find out that there was more damage than reported.  He spent three weeks fixing what he could and then returned back to us with the intent to go back again for another 3 weeks to finish the plane and get it flying.  We ask for your prayers in this matter as it would be best for him to go while Crystal and the kids are in the states, however we are still waiting for Cessna to fabricate a new firewall for the plane.  We would like this to be done soon so this project can be put behind us and Chris can again focus on Guyana.

Final Travel Plans
We have spent a lot of time with our family both in Washington and Minnesota.  We do have a few more people to visit in Georgia, Kentucky and Tennesse with a wedding to attend in September.  So please keep our final travels in your prayers.

A rare family Photo.  We LOVE the Mountains!

God is working in our ministry.  At times we question whether we are walking in his will or our own but he continues to guide us even when we get off the path.  We love that he never leaves us nor forsakes us but gently guides our thoughts and our steps as we continue to run to him and give him our allegiance.  Our prayer for is that you will find him just as dear of a father, friend and mentor as we have.

Our summer has been full and since leaving Guyana in May, there have been several significant changes in our ministry.  Stay tuned for another report to hear about the changes  and possibly how you can help us meet the needs of the people in Guyana.

Thank you all for loving us and supporting us with your friendship, your encouraging words, your finances and most importantly with your prayers. When you speak to God on our behalf, we feel those blessings and feel inspired to continue forward.

May God go before you in all that you do.
Chris, Crystal, Corey and Cara.

Chris and Crystal Eno along with their two children, Corey and Cara are volunteer missionaries in Guyana, South America.

Chris is an pilot/mechanic and Crystal is a Physical Therapist both working in the Interior of Guyana to bring the knowledge and love of Christ to the people there.

To read their story, click here.

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