Sunday, June 5, 2016

God's Ways are not our ways.

Eno Family Mission Report

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God's Ways are not our ways.

We have been a bit silent lately. We have been praying and searching for insight from God. Something we have learned is that God's ways are not are ways. We came to Bolivia expecting that God would have us stay for a long time. What we have found in the past month and a half is that God had other stuff for us to do here and while long term may have been the ultimate goal, God has asked us to move on.  He has shown us that he has other work for us to do in another part of the world.  Currently we are looking at another project to join.  The project is located in Guyana.  We will be visiting the project soon to make sure that is where God wants us to be.  Currently we are wrapping up things here in Bolivia.  Our biggest remaining obstacle is importing our pallet of personal stuff, which, if we would have known before hand how much money and work it has taken, we would never have done.  The pallet has been a source of strife and problems right from the beginning.  God has taught us patience (which we thought we were getting good at when we had kids) and he has taught us how to work at not getting angry and how to love in a different way.  We feel both battered and bruised and our emotional tank is almost completely empty.  The more we cling to God, the more we are strengthened.  However the devil works hard to get us to move away from God and he has won on occasions.  It reminds us how much personal time with God is important.  We ask for your prayers as we walk this new path that God is leading us down.  We ask for you to remember to lift us up as we strain to maintain our relationships with God, fight the devil and move forward where God leads. 


Some new things that are happening with the family.

Chris is studying for his commercial Pilot rating in between running to town to work on the pallet situation and buying food for us.  Other than that, he is helping out at home with cooking and spending some much needed time with Corey.

Crystal is basically maintaining the house, trying to plan for upcoming activities and mainly just surviving.

Corey has taken to pretending all of the time.  If we are not paying attention due to cooking or such, he is pretending he has a baby doll and caring for it, or he is making airplanes, or playing on lily pads (jumping on the couch cushions on the floor).  Corey also has taken to reading.  He can identify almost all of his letters and he is getting better at talking at times in Spanish and he just loves to sing.  He is in such a fun stage.

Cara has taken to following her brother almost everywhere.  Corey gets upset at times but most often he is sharing and caring for Cara.  It is so precious to watch.  Cara has also begun walking very short distances without hanging on.  She is a speedy crawler and any chance she gets to crawl out the door, she takes it.  She is such a social butterfly and loves to make people smile and laugh.  She says "mama" and "dada" all of the time and she routinely calls for Corey by saying "uh".  Her favorite thing is to talk to people on the phone and over skype, it is the cutest thing.  She is learning sign language and can already say "more" and she can almost say "please" without prompting.

Overall, our family is doing well, we are enjoying the time we have with each other and we are looking forward to spending time with friends and family this summer.

Our plans for the summer consist of spending time at Minnesota Campmeeting in Hutchinson, MN.  Then we will spend time at the Upper Columbia Conference Campmeeting in Spangle, Wa.  The next two weeks will be spent in Walla Walla area visiting with as many people as we can, sharing about our plans for further mission work at some of the churches and celebrating the kids birthdays.  Then on to the Central California Campmeeting near San Jose,Ca.  After that, plans are a bit up in the air.  Chris will be flying to MN for a week or two where he will work with his dad and Corey will spend that entire time with his Grandma Eno.  Cara and I hope to be visiting friends and family.  Sometime in there, Chris hopes to finish up his commercial pilot rating and if God allows, he hopes to gain his flight instructors rating.

Thank you to all of our friends, family and supporters.  We are encouraged when we see your support.  We look forward to seeing as many of you as we can before moving to our next project that God lead us to.

much love from the Eno family

Chris, Crystal, Corey and Cara   

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