Monday, June 1, 2015

Stepping into the waters.

A Peace that Passes all understanding in the middle of the waves.
Where has the time gone? This is what I keep asking myself the more I think of the baby coming in approximately 1-2 weeks, the time for moving out of the house is about a month away, I am almost done with work about 1.5 weeks away and many other things are coming to an end.  While this may be the end for some things, it is the beginning of a whole new life for the Eno Family.

We will soon be a family of 4 who are devoting our entire lives to work for God.  Have you ever thought of what God is asking you to give up in order for you to share the message that God loves each and every one of us and wants us all to be with him in heaven.  This question has been on my mind more lately.  While it has been a dream of mine to go live in a foreign country and serve God in whatever capacity that he calls me (my dream has always been to do Physical Therapy), I have never dreamed that it would come true. I am learning very quickly the peace that passes all understanding when I just allow God to lead.  While at times I am freaking out about moving, leaving all of this world that I have gained and going to a place where we have two wonderful friends and nothing to our name,  I have a peace that is continually there.  I find I have more stress when I think about how I can possibly do some of it on my own.  God is in control and all I have to do is follow his foot steps and I will never get lost.

So, in about 2ish weeks the Eno Family will be stepping into the water because God has called us and whatever happens I know God will be there right by our side and we just have to trust.  If you get a chance, look up the song "Oceans" by Hillsong United.  This has begun to become my theme song because it describes exactly what we are doing.  Prayers are appreciated but we are confident that God will be there.
Flight Training Funded
God has opened the doors for Chris to complete his flight training to obtain his Certified Flight Instructor Rating.  God opened up the hearts of the people at the African Parks in Chad, Africa to advance Chris the money to obtain his ratings.  This is a huge PRAISE THE LORD!  We had considered many different options for Chris to get his flight training completed however we just didn't feel right about any of it.  We finally committed the matter to God and left it.  God has answered.

So what does this all mean, Chris has approximately 6 weeks to get approximately 150ish hours of flight time, and lots of studying done in order to take 3 different written tests (which he just passed 1 of them this past friday) and 3 different practical (flying) tests.  So this equates to him needing to fly 20 hours a week, study 10 hours a week and work about 32 hours a week for a total of 70 hours spent away from the family each week.

We are very thankful that Chris's mom will be here for most of that time as I will be caring for a new baby and a toddler on my own otherwise.  
Africa Again
Yes as you read above, Chris will be returning to Chad, Africa for 28 days to work on 2 airplanes and fly for them.  This is where the money for his Flight Training is coming from.  It was a great opportunity last October/November for him and he is excited to return and finish some of the work on the planes that he was not able to finish before as well as get more fight building time. 
Baby Girl's Arrival
Be looking for an announcement on our blog when Baby Girl arrives.  We will be posting pictures of her there.  You can read the blog at:
Sharing about Bolivia
On July 4th, 2015 at the Eastgate SDA Church in Walla Walla, Wa, Chris and I will be sharing at both the 9am and 11:20am services about what we will be doing down in the Bolivia Highlands, current happenings and how you can get involved. if you are in the area, please join us, we would love to see you.

*Special Occasion: If you come to the 9am service, we will be having our Baby Girl dedicated to God. Please join us if you can.

Other Sharing Opportunities:
We are continually looking for other opportunities to share about the mission God has called us to in Bolivia.  If you would like us to share at your church, please contact us at or call us on either phone number listed below. 
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