Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I Am a Glutton

I was reading just today about the rich young ruler in Matthew 19:16-22, Luke 18:18-23, and Mark 10:17-22.  It is funny how much it hits home for me.  I have always had a desire to give everything to anyone in need, but deep down I have this very selfish side that keeps saying... "but what if I need that later" or "that was a lot of money, it would be like throwing money away".  I just can't believe myself sometimes.  My sinful desires often get the best of me and I don't even see it most of the time.  So when I read these passages, it hit home for me because living in america I can have everything I could ever want. of course that would take lots of money, thus I would have to go back to work and make my hubby work and so on and we would just be chasing this dream that would never come true.  In these verses a young man comes to Jesus and asks "what shall I do to inherit eternal life?"  Jesus tells him to obey the commandments.  Ok, I got it. but then Jesus challenges him further... give up your treasures on this earth and trade it for that which is in heaven and then follow me.  Now I have heard that this is hard, even Jesus said that it is hard for the rich to get into heaven.  But now that I am actually doing exactly as Christ told the young ruler to do, I continue to go back to my excuses as to why I need to keep something.  I read an article today on facebook called "9 sins the church is ok with".   I realized that by hording all of my stuff I am not following Christ's command to sell my stuff or give it to the poor and follow Him.  I AM A GLUTTON of stuff.  Praise God for his forgiveness and leading.  I will be going through the stuff we have set aside to take to Bolivia and pulling out un-needed clothing and stuff.

Some people have been asking me about financials. Questions like: what are you going to live on, how are you going to pay for stuff etc.  My only answer to all of this is:  I am now working for God and He will pay for our food and such.  He has store houses of funds and will put it in our hands as we demonstrate our good use of it.  He has already blessed us with 3 monthly supporters. So I have the peace that we will be able to eat food down there.  Did you know that we are volunteering to go and reach these people.  But really I like to think of it as working for God.  We traded our earthly employers in for a Heavenly employer. So at this time we have enough MONTHLY support to purchase food for our family nothing else.  If you are feeling God pulling at your heart to become apart of this mission to reach the people of the Bolivian Highlands and want to fund our living down there please go to this link and donate or send us a check which you can find information at that same link.  you will be blessed to know that God is using you in a mighty way.

Cost of Living per Month
Phone/internet (comes together) ~ $70/month  -  have:$0
Utilities (electricity and water) ~ $30/month   -  have: $0
rent ~ $250/month   -  have: $0
Food $350/month   -  have:$300
Toiletries $100/month    -  have: $0
Transportation ~ $50/month    -  have: $0
School Loan ~ $100/month  -  have: $0
Insurance ~ $157/month    -  have: $0
other odd and ends:  $?? / month

Total MONTHLY needed $1800 approximately (this will change after we get down there and have a better estimate of the costs and needs of things)

Other one time bills to get us set up there:
2yr Visas $500/per person ($2,000 total)   -   have: $0
Airline Tickets: $2600 total    -  have: $0
Furniture to set up house: $2000   -    have: $0

Thank you for praying for us always.  We look forward to getting down there and being able to share with all of you our friends/family and support team how God is working to save the people in the Bolivia highlands.

Much love and peace in Christ
Chis and Crystal Eno

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