Thursday, April 16, 2015

Spring Has Sprung

April Update!
It is April and Spring is here!  We have flowers and the grass is beautiful and green.  I Love it!

Packing up our lives
This February and March has been a Crazy busy one for the Eno family.  We have been focusing on packing up the house, reducing what we own to only what is necessary or small sentimental items.  We have been plugging away at each room and finally about a month ago we finished going through everything we own!.  So we made the list of what needs to happen to sell the house.  It was a Very LONG list and very daunting.  God has sustained us and we gave an extra push to get the yard looking nice and the house clean that we were able to get our house on the market mid-March. We had 2 open houses with many visitors (or so the Realtor tells us) and a few evening showings. We received an offer about 2 weeks ago and have gone through all the inspections and everyone is in agreement on the terms now.  All that is left is the appraisal. If everything goes well with the appraisal, then we will be moving at the end of June into Crystal's parent's house until we are ready to leave for Bolivia. Please pray for the appraisal and for peace as Chris and I finish packing up our lives and moving forward with our new Service for God.
The Plane has Arrived!
Back in August of 2014 at the International Pathfinder Camporee in Oshkosh, WI, I (Crystal) was impressed to ask our Youth Director from Upper Columbia Conference if he would be willing to trade maintenance on his airplane for some flying time for Chris.  Pastor Hicks said he would think about it and about a week later, he contacted us and agreed to the arrangement.  The plane is a Piper Cherokee that has not been flown in many years and needed an annual inspection done and some other maintenance.  So Chris began looking for a good weekend to go do the work but nothing was working out.  When he returned from Africa in November he tried again.  But to no avail the weekends were just not working out.  Finally late in November he was able to go up to Deer Park (just North of Spokane) to complete the Annual inspection and the plane was ready to fly when the weather was good. Finally during his break between Christmas and New Years Chris made it up to Deer Park to fly the plane down to Walla Walla, but there was a problem with the carburetor.  So he spent some time fixing that and tried again at the end of that week. The weather looked like it just might work out so he drove up there, slept in the Pilots lounge and when he woke up in the morning IT WAS SNOWING!  Chris waited a while to see if the weather would clear but it didn't.  So he packed up and came home. We were sad but trusted that God would provide in his time.    

So we began focusing on packing and sorting our house. January and February weather was just not great. About a month ago now, the weather was perfect for Chris to bring the plane from Deer Park to Walla Walla.  We praise God for this!  We believe that God allowed the weather to not be good so we would focus on getting our house set up and now that we are done with that we have more time for Chris to begin flying.  Praise the Lord for his timing and for prompting me to take the leap to speak to Pastor Hicks about his plane. 
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Sharing about Bolivia
The First weekend of April we had the opportunity to visit our Church family in Bellingham Washington to share with them about the Mission project in Bolivia.  We were able to see many friends and had a wonderful time sharing about the need in Bolivia.  We would love to come share with your church family what is currently happening and what will be happening with the Bolivia Highlands Mission Project.

Send us an email at and help us share the mission with others.  We are open to doing a full church service, a mission spot light during a church service or a Friday or Sabbath evening vespers program.
Help us Share the Love of God with the People in the Bolivia Highlands.
Current Happenings in Bolivia
A Vehicle
A vehicle has been found and will be purchased tomorrow! This vehicle will allow DJ & Jodi to begin scouting the villages and surrounding areas to find the best place for a base of operations. God has had a big hand in the purchase of this vehicle and providing the funding. Another vehicle will need to be purchased in September when our family arrives there.  We will need another $8,000 for the second vehicle.  Please consider donating via our donate page on our blog. Make a note: Bolivia Highlands - Vehicle Fund.

An Airplane
The Project will be needing to purchase a plane in the future.  Please begin to pray for the right plane to be found, the funding to be provided and for the softening of the owners heart to place the plane in the mission service of the Lord. If you are moved to help us fund a plane please donate on our blog page. Make a note: Bolivia Highlands - Airplane Fund.
DJ & Jodi Visit the Village of Malla
(story written by Jodi Knott)
In mid-March, we took a trip out to the village of Malla (pronounced My-a), a small village located in a high valley surrounded by steep mountains. The purpose of the trip was to survey a potential runway site and give recommendations to the mayor and his council. The area was beautiful and we drove for hours on a four-wheel drive track cut into the side of the mountain. We saw lots of llamas, vicuñas (small, wild llama-like animals), and a huge Andean condor. The runway site is located on the top of a rounded alpine mountain at 16,000 ft, not too far from rugged snow-capped mountains reaching to 21,000 ft. The only unfortunate thing from the whole trip is that I accidentally deleted all our photos from the day!  In the future we will be helping to advise the village on the proper building of the runway site. We are excited to begin working with the surrounding villages and finding out and meeting some of their needs as God leads.  Pray for the people in the village of Malla that God will open their hearts to his love.
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